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Lezghian etymology :

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Proto-Lezghian: *ʔäča-
North Caucasian etymology: North Caucasian etymology
Meaning: 1 to flow,pour 2 to jump,fly 3 to vomit
Lezghian: il-ič- 1
Tabasaran: ed-e=č- 3
Agul: lajč- 1
Rutul: l-a=če- 2
Kryz: q-äjč- 3
Budukh: e-χ-č- 1
Comment: Cf. also Lezg. k-iče-z 'pour, sprinkle', Bud. s-eχči 'jump', q:-eči 'vomit'; Rut. s-a=če- 'to pour, strew'; Tab. h-e=č- 'to winnow'. Semantic shifts ('flow,pour' > 'jump, fly' or > 'vomit') are quite usual. It is interesting to note an expressive reduplicated stem in Lezgian (čarčar 'waterfall'), possibly derived from this root and identic to PA *čʷarčʷa ( ~ o) id.

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