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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *trag(')h-, *dh-
Nostratic etymology: Nostratic etymology
Meaning: to drag, to bear; trace
Slavic: *trāgъ, *trā́žītī; ? *dorgā
Germanic: *drag-a- vb.; *drōg-ō f.; *drag-a- n.; *drax-t-u- c., *drax-t-i- c., *drōg-ia- adj.
Latin: trahō, -ere, trāxī, tractum `ziehen, bringen; beziehen, rechnen; fortschleppen; an sich ziehen; hervorbringen; in die Länge ziehen'; traha, trahea f. `Schleife'
Celtic: *trag-, *trog- > Gaul ver-tragus `schnellfüssiger Hund'; OIr traig, gen. traiged `Fuss', MIr trog `Nachkommenschaft', trogan `Mutter Erde', trogais i.tusmis `brachte zur Welt'; Cymr toed, pl. traed `Füsse', OCorn truit `Fuss', Bret troad `Fuss'
Russ. meaning: тащить, нести; след
References: WP I 752f, 862
Comments: Probably more than one root, but hard to sort out.

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