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Kevin Baker <> (25.05.2002)

I'm really pleased to see that you liked this one. Admittedly, I'm way biased toward Stevie Ray, but still, this is a great bluesy album. His playing is really something---never "just finger-flashing" but always trying to be affecting and close to home. That's really what makes it for me----it's technically great but doesn't lose the soulfulness that good blues should have.

Glenn Wiener <> (22.06.2001)

Good record but a little short in the variety category. Gosh 'Pride and Joy' and 'I'm Crying' sound like almost the same song.

Nonetheless, Stevie was a heck of a guitar player with a special guitar tone. 'Dirty Pool', 'Pride And Joy', and 'Testify' are all great tracks and 'Lenny' is a nice moody jazz piece. For those who love raw guitar blues.


Glenn Wiener <> (22.06.2001)

I might actually like this one a little more than Texas Flood. Whereas it does not reek of diversity, at least the pacings of the songs alter ever so slightly. It starts off the highly energetic 'Scuttle Buttin' and then the funky title track. Some awesome solos on that track indeed. Then we have blues, Hendrix, more blues, slow blues, a shuffle, and that jazz thing at the end. A good effort with quality playing from Stevie, but the lack of vision and ability to explore hurts this one just a bit.


Nicholas Rogerson <> (17.12.2002)

This is such an improvement from Couldn't Stand The Weather, which is rife with filler. Nice filler in the main, but nonetheless filler. The album kicks off with 'Say What!' which is a great tune. The next two songs, as you correctly note have almost the same melody. You are right in saying 'Ain't Gone 'N' Give Up On Love' is quite a formulaic ballad, in the Clapton style, but the playing is wall-rattling. 'Change It' and 'Come On' are the other stand out tracks here.

For my money this album is better than Texas Flood too, as it captures my interest fro longer. This is probably because it is more diverse, but I also think the melodies are better too. However I can understand you giving Texas Flood the higher rating for the originality on that one, being greater. It is the debut after all. Soul To Soul is a great album and I agree with your ***1/2 rating.

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