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NAME OF SONG/TRACK: Sure enough, the name of the song. Names beginning with articles are placed under 'A' and 'T' respectfully. Some of the shorter tracks are often omitted (these are primarily short links between songs on live albums, BBC sessions, etc.)

NAME OF ARTIST: The name of the artist to whom the album is generally attributed. That is, 'Just Like A Woman' is attributed to George Harrison if it belongs to The Concert For Bangla Desh - regardless of the fact that it is sung by Bob Dylan, because this album is included in the George Harrison discography.

NAME OF DISC: The name of the record on which the song was originally released, or the name of the collection on which the song belongs either if it wasn't previously available on an original LP (singles, unreleased outtakes, etc.) or if I don't own the corresponding original album.

YEAR: Usually it's the year of the release of the song, even on collections. Exceptions: important events recorded earlier and shelved until recent times usually get the earlier date (thus, Live At The Isle Of Wight by The Who is all marked 1970, although it wasn't released until 1996).

All song titles link to corresponding albums and their reviews. All of the song names are included, except for duplicate versions on the same album. However, different versions of the same song recorded for different albums are separated. Thus, Bob Dylan's 'Forever Young' links to the review of Planet Waves only once, although there are two versions of this song on that album. On the other hand, there is a separate link from 'Forever Young' to At Budokan, since it was recorded (live) for that album as well.

NOTE: All of this stuff is made manually (and is a real pain in the neck, by the way), so some of the links might be not functioning or incorrect. There's just too many of them! If you see any problems, please E-mail me at once so that I might correct it. Help me get my work done!


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U-Haft Muzak (Einsturzende Neubauten: Kollaps, 1981)
U.F.O. Story (The Flaming Lips: Telepathic Surgery, 1989)

U.H.F. (Curved Air: Phantasmagoria, 1972)

UK Jive (The Kinks: UK Jive, 1989)

US Blues (Grateful Dead: From The Mars Hotel, 1974)

US Blues (Grateful Dead: One From The Vault, 1975)

US Radio Spot (Keith Moon: Two Sides Of The Moon (bonus), 1975)

Ubangi Stomp (Alice Cooper: Lace And Whiskey, 1977)

Uboo (King Crimson: Heavy ConstruKction, 2000)

Ubu Noir (Coil: Scatology, 1984)

Ugliest Girl In The World (Bob Dylan: Down In The Groove, 1988)

Uh-Oh Love Comes To Town (Talking Heads: Talking Heads 77, 1977)

Ukraine Ways (Renaissance: Camera Camera, 1981)

Ultimate Disaster, The (The Residents: Mark Of The Mole, 1981)

Ultra-Vivaldi (Curved Air: Phantasmagoria, 1972)

Unbelievable (Bob Dylan: Under The Red Sky, 1990)

Unbeschreiblich Weiblich (Nina Hagen: Nina Hagen Band, 1979)

Unbroken Chain (Grateful Dead: From The Mars Hotel, 1974)

Uncertain Weather (Genesis: Calling All Stations, 1997)

Unchain My Heart (Arthur Brown & Jimmy Carl Black: Brown, Black & Blue, 1991)

Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey (Paul McCartney: Ram, 1971)

Uncle Arthur (David Bowie: David Bowie, 1967)

Uncle Bernie's Farm (Frank Zappa: Absolutely Free, 1967)

Uncle Jack (Spirit: Spirit, 1968)

Uncle Jam (Ten Years After: A Space In Time, 1971)

Uncle John's Band (Grateful Dead: Workingman's Dead, 1970)

Uncle John's Band (Grateful Dead: Ladies And Gentlemen..., 1971)

Uncle Meat: Main Title Theme (Frank Zappa: Uncle Meat, 1969)

Uncle Meat (Frank Zappa: The Yellow Shark, 1993)

Uncle Meat Film Excerpts (I, II) (Frank Zappa: Uncle Meat, 1969)

Uncle Meat Variations, The (Frank Zappa: Uncle Meat, 1969)

Uncle Remus (Frank Zappa: Apostrophe', 1974)

Uncle Salty (Aerosmith: Toys In The Attic, 1975)

Uncle Sam (Lindisfarne: Fog On The Tyne, 1971)

Uncle Sam's Blues (Hot Tuna: Hot Tuna, 1970)

Uncle Son (The Kinks: Muswell Hillbillies, 1971)

Unconscious Power (Iron Butterfly: Heavy, 1968)

Unconsciously Screaming (The Flaming Lips: In A Priest Driven Ambulance, 1990)

Unconsciousness Rules (George Harrison: Somewhere In England, 1981)

Unconventional State Line (Japan: Adolescent Sex, 1978)
Uncoolohol (Ian Dury: Laughter, 1980)

Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man, The (The Rolling Stones: Out Of Our Heads, 1965)

Under Attack (Abba: More Abba Gold More Abba Hits, 1982)

Under BOAC (Autechre: LP5, 1998)

Under Fire (Roy Wood: Starting Up, 1987)

Under Lock And Key (Peter Gabriel: Birdy, 1985)

Under Moonshine (The Moody Blues: Octave, 1978)

Under My Feet (The Moody Blues: The Present, 1983)

Under My Thumb (The Rolling Stones: Aftermath, 1966)

Under My Thumb (The Rolling Stones: Got Live If You Want It, 1966)

Under My Thumb (The Rolling Stones: Still Life, 1982)

Under My Thumb (Tina Turner: Acid Queen, 1975)

Under My Wheels (Alice Cooper: Killer, 1971)

Under My Wheels (Alice Cooper: The Alice Cooper Show, 1977)

Under My Wheels (Alice Cooper: A Fistful Of Alice, 1997)

Under My Wheels (Alice Cooper: The Life And Crimes Of Alice Cooper, 1999)

Under Pressure (Queen: Hot Space, 1982)

Under Pressure (David Bowie: Let's Dance (bonus), 1983)

Under Stars (Brian Eno: Apollo Atmospheres & Soundtracks, 1983)

Under The Boardwalk (The Rolling Stones: 12 X 5, 1964)

Under The God (Tin Machine: Tin Machine, 1989)

Under The God (Tin Machine: Oy Vey Baby, 1993)

Under The Greenwood Tree (Donovan: A Gift From A Flower To A Garden, 1967)

Under The Gun (Deep Purple: Perfect Strangers, 1984)

Under The Gun (Blondie: No Exit, 1999)

Under The Ice (The Nazz: Nazz Nazz, 1969)

Under The Influence (The Chemical Brothers: Surrender, 1999)

Under The Red Sky (Bob Dylan: Under The Red Sky, 1990)

Under The Sky (Giles, Giles & Fripp: The Cheerful Insanity Of Giles, Giles & Fripp (bonus), 1968)

Under The Sky (Giles, Giles & Fripp: The Brondesbury Tapes, 2001)

Under The Sun/Every Day Comes And Goes (Black Sabbath: Vol. 4, 1972)

Under The Radar (Adrian Belew: Side One, 2005)
Under Wraps # 1 (Jethro Tull: Under Wraps, 1984)

Under Wraps # 2 (Jethro Tull: Under Wraps, 1984)

Under Wraps (Jethro Tull: A Little Light Music, 1992)

Undercover Man, The (Van Der Graaf Generator: Godbluff, 1975)

Undercover Of The Night (The Rolling Stones: Undercover, 1983)

Underdog (Sly & The Family Stone: A Whole New Thing, 1967)

Underground (Gentle Giant: Civilian, 1980)

Underground (Gentle Giant: The Last Steps, 1980)

Underground (Tom Waits: Swordfishtrombones, 1983)

Underground (Tom Waits: Big Time, 1988)

Underneath The Bottle (Lou Reed: The Blue Mask, 1982)

Underneath The Neon Sign (The Kinks: Soap Opera, 1975)

Underneath The Bunker (R. E. M.: Lifes Rich Pageant, 1986)

Understand (Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel: Timeless Flight, 1976)

Undertow (Genesis: And Then There Were Three, 1978)

Underture (The Who: Tommy, 1969)

Underture (Electric Light Orchestra Part Two: Moment Of Truth, 1994)

Underway (Fleetwood Mac: Then Play On, 1969)

Undo (Bjork: Vespertine, 2001)

Undone (Blondie: The Curse Of Blondie, 2003)

Undressed To Kill (Jethro Tull: Rock Island, 1989)

Une Nuit A Paris (10cc: The Original Soundtrack, 1975)

Unearthed (High Tide: The Flood, 1970)

Uneasy Sunny Day Hotsy Totsy (Ian Dury: Do It Yourself, 1979)

Unemployment (J. J. Cale: # 8, 1983)

Unequal Love (Crosby, Stills & Nash: After The Storm, 1994)

Unfaithful Servant, The (The Band: The Band, 1969)

Unfinished (Can: Landed, 1975)

Unfinished Allegro (Angra: Angels Cry, 1993)

Unfinished Allegro (Angra: Holy Live, 1997)

Unfinished Sweet (Alice Cooper: Billion Dollar Babies, 1973)

Unforgettable Fire, The (U2: The Unforgettable Fire, 1984)

Unhappy Girl (The Doors: Strange Days, 1967)

Unhappy Girls (The Searchers: Sugar And Spice, 1963)

Unhinged (High Tide: The Flood, 1971)

Unholy War (Alice Cooper: The Last Temptation, 1994)

Unholy Wars (Angra: Rebirth, 2001)

Unicorn, The (Donovan: HMS Donovan, 1971)

Uniform (Jethro Tull: A, 1980)

Uniforms (Corp D'Esprit) (Pete Townshend: All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes, 1982)

Union City Blue (Blondie: Eat To The Beat, 1979)

Union Square (Tom Waits: Rain Dogs, 1985)

Union Sundown (Bob Dylan: Infidels, 1983)

Unison (Bjork: Vespertine, 2001)

Universal Garden (Yes: Open Your Eyes, 1997)

Universal Mind (The Doors: Absolutely Live, 1970)

Universal Mind Decoder (The Byrds: The Notorious Byrd Brothers (bonus), 1968)

Universal, The (Blur: The Great Escape, 1995)

Universe (T. Rex: Dandy In The Underworld, 1977)

University Challenge (The Who: Thirty Years Of Maximum R'n'B, 1994)

Unknown Blues (The Pretty Things: The Pretty Things, 1965)

Unknown Delight (George Harrison: Gone Troppo, 1982)

Unknown Legend (Neil Young: Harvest Moon, 1992)

Unknown Soldier, The (The Doors: Waiting For The Sun, 1968)

Uno Mundo (Buffalo Springfield: Last Time Around, 1968)

Unorthodox Behaviour (Brand X: Unorthodox Behaviour, 1976)
Unplugged (The Flaming Lips: Hear It Is, 1986)

Unquiet Grave, The (Gryphon: Gryphon, 1973)

Unquiet Slumbers For The Sleepers (Genesis: Wind And Wuthering, 1977)

Unquiet Zone, The (Procol Harum: Procol's Ninth, 1975)

Unravel (Bjork: Homogenic, 1997)

Unreal Reality (The Kinks: Everybody's In Show-Biz, 1972)

Unreleased Backgrounds (The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds, 1966)

Unreleased Civilian Track (Gentle Giant: Under Construction, 1998)

Untie Me (Manfred Mann: The Five Faces Of Manfred Mann, 1964)

Until (Bee Gees: Spirits Having Flown, 1979)

Until Your Mama's Gone (Move: Message From The Country, 1972)

Untitled (The Cure: Disintegration, 1989)

Untitled Lullaby (Budgie: Nightflight, 1981)

Untitled Protest, An (Country Joe & The Fish: Together, 1968)

Untouchables, The (Frank Zappa: Broadway The Hard Way, 1988)

Unusual Occurrences In The Desert (Grateful Dead: Blues For Allah, 1975)

Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed (David Bowie: Space Oddity, 1969)

Unwritten Law, The (Deep Purple: The House Of Blue Light, 1987)

Up And Down (Eloy: Inside, 1973)

Up And Down (The Cars: Panorama, 1980)

Up Around The Bend (Creedence Clearwater Revival: Cosmo's Factory, 1970)

Up Around The Bend (Creedence Clearwater Revival: Live In Europe, 1973)

Up From The Skies (Jimi Hendrix: Axis: Bold As Love, 1967)

Up In Heaven (Not Only Here) (The Clash: Sandinista!, 1980)

Up Jumped The Devil (Nick Cave: Tender Prey, 1988)

Up On Cripple Creek (The Band: The Band, 1969)

Up On Cripple Creek (Bob Dylan: Before The Flood, 1975)

Up On The Roof (Carole King: Writer, 1970)

Up Or Down (Jefferson Airplane: Early Flight, 1974)

Up The Bakerloo (Can: Radio Waves, 1972)

Up The Hill Backwards (David Bowie: Scary Monsters, 1980)

Up The Junction (Manfred Mann: Up The Junction, 1968)
Up The Khyber (Pink Floyd: More, 1969)

Up The Pool (Jethro Tull: Living In The Past, 1971)

Up The Wooden Hills To Bedfordshire (The Small Faces: Small Faces, 1967)
Up There Down There (Patti Smith: Dream Of Life, 1988)

Up To Me (Jethro Tull: Aqualung, 1971)

Up To Me (Bob Dylan: Biograph, 1974)

Up To My Neck In You (AC/DC: Powerage, 1978)

Up To The Limit (Accept: Metal Heart, 1985)

Up To The Limit (Accept: Staying A Life, 1990)

Uphill (Can: Delay 1968, 1968)

Upon The My-O-My (Captain Beefheart: Unconditionally Guaranteed, 1974)

Upright Come (Patti Smith: Gung Ho, 2000)

Ups (Cocteau Twins: Milk And Kisses, 1996)

Ups And Downs (Grand Funk Railroad: On Time, 1969)

Ups And Downs (The Residents: The Commercial Album, 1980)

Upsetter (Grand Funk Railroad: E Pluribus Funk, 1971)

Upstairs Room, The (The Cure: Japanese Whispers, 1983)

Urban Lifestyle (Pere Ubu: Pennsylvania, 1998)

Urban/Killer/Urban (Van Der Graaf: Vital, 1978)

Us And Them (Pink Floyd: Dark Side Of The Moon, 1973)

Us And Them (Pink Floyd: Delicate Sound Of Thunder, 1988)

Us And Them (Pink Floyd: P.U.L.S.E, 1995)

Us Or Them (The Cure: The Cure, 2004)

Use Me (Mick Jagger: Wandering Spirit, 1993)

Used Cars (Bruce Springsteen: Nebraska, 1982)

Used To (Wire: Chairs Missing, 1978)

Used To Bad News (Boston: Don't Look Back, 1978)
Used To Be Bad (Paul McCartney: Flaming Pie, 1997)

Useless Information (The Move: The Move, 1968)

Utopia # 1 (Amon Düül II: Utopia, 1973)

Utopia Theme (Todd Rundgren's Utopia: Todd Rundgren's Utopia, 1974)

Utterly Simple (Traffic: Mr Fantasy, 1967)

Uviol (Autechre: Confield, 2001)