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M B <> (04.02.2003)

I just read your reviews on Tangerine Dream. I was surprised to see that every single one of them was a put down. Then I noticed that the website has an ".ru" ending. Go back to your negative head space from drinking too much Moskvodka you i****!

Dave Dickson <> (20.01.2006)

"Moskvodka." Uh-huh. Wow. That's so goddamn fucking original, MB. Give that man a free habanero cocktail. Or better yet, an ass-paddling. Phaedra rules; everything else is one long fart. At least in the early '70's. Beyond that, they're pretty consistent, from what I've heard. That's whatcha get for hangin' out with an underground junkie in college. Don't know any album titles; they just all blur into one. I hereby crown this band the ultimate background music duo. Now, if they only knew how to sing, they'd be the ultimate FOREground etc. Behind the Beatles, Dylan, Pink Floyd, the Smashing Pumpkins, and about seventy-two better bands.


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Mike DeFabio <> (05.05.2001)

I'm kind of on the fence about this one. Sure, most of it's inaudible and there's no melody to speak of, but when you stop waiting for something to happen, it's kinda neat. There's lots of cool synth noises going on, but everything's shoved way back in the mix so you can't distinguish anything--it's just a big black blur. Still, people who like Music For Airports should go nuts over this baby.

<> (18.08.2002)

In those days it would be difficult to even comprehend the technical barriers that TD must have overcome to produce ZEIT. My oppinion, far out and rates just as highly as RUBYCON and PHAEDRA. Bet you couldn't produce something so original as your review fails to be even constructive. Unimpressed...

[Special author note: all right, all right, I'll make it constructive. Here's an idea. I think that in 1972, Tangerine Dream should have been playing glam rock a la Ziggy Stardust with an emphasis on electronic atmospheric noises instead of this crap. There. Let no one accuse me of lack of constructivity from now on.]

Peter Bertges <> (09.12.2002)

I think you missed the point on this one. Zeit is - as it's title suggests - a comment on Time. That's why the music is almost static. There's a tone that seems to stand still, and if you don't listen carefully you miss how it subtly changes. You can lose yourself and your sense of time listening to this record. It captures you completely in its magic and takes you away. That's how a good LSD trip should work. (okay, slightly exaggerating on this last one)


Mike DeFabio <> (05.05.2001)

Oh. This is where all the Floyd comparisons come from. Atem opens with some of the most dramatic music I've ever heard; almost classical in nature, the first five minute of the title track bring to my mind a huge global catastrophe. This is epic stuff. Of course, after those five minutes, the song takes a sharp left turn into Ambientville, where it sits and fiddles around for the next fifteen minutes. Not that that's a bad thing, but I'd sure like it if there was more of that ominous mountain-crumbling music like there was at the beginning. The rest of the album is pretty good too, especially the deranged avant-garde-isms of "Wahn," and the other two songs have that Mellotron in them that gives me the hoo-haa's, so I'll give this album the ol' thumbs up.


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Mike DeFabio <> (05.05.2001)

I've always (well, not always--I just discovered this band a few months ago) thought that those boppy synth lines were one of the greatest things about Tangerine Dream, in addition to those spooky mellotrons and all those other weird noises they throw in. Since all those elements are here, I like this album a lot. It successfully blends the ambient with the listenable, creating a beautiful yet slightly disturbing musical soundscape that many have imitated but few have equalled.

That was sure a crappy last sentence. Maybe I should write for the All-Music Guide.

Marko Marin <> (08.10.2001)

I can understand mostly your opinions. Phaedra was a difficult album for me personally. It wasn't my favourite for a long time (Rubycon spinned over and over in my cd-player instead). But now, after a little patience for my part, I have started slowly to enjoy Phaedra's experimental sounds and synth loops. Actually the same thing happened with Alpha Centauri. So, if this pattern repeats itself, someday I will enjoy even the albums like Zeit and Atem.


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Marko Marin <> (08.11.2001)

This was my first TD-album that really struck me. Long period of wooshing, watery sounds went by and I was little bored - I can admit that. Then the greatest, booming bass sequence started and I knew that I've found my favourite music. Now, I have even learned to love those ambient sequences and doomday's mellotron choir (I don't know much about their equipment, so I presume it's mellotron). Much better when compared to little clumsy Phaedra.


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<> (19.11.2003)

Like this album and band a lot. A double live album of all new stuff. This was the first Tangerine Dream album I ever bought and I loved it. Someone once saw my Tangerine Dream cd's at the house and commented on it saying "well it can't crank it up in the car!" I responded that this music was never intended to be "cranked up in the car." It is for relaxed listening only. After a hard day at work and I need some unwinding, or it's time for bed, I put on one of my Tangerine Dream cd's and it more than serves it's purpose. Follow that rule of thumb when listening to this band. This is not a bad place to start.


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