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Nick Black <> (29.09.2005)

You nailed a good review of Mountains, but I think you've dnot done justice to two absolute stand-out tracks as well.. the closing song 'Mountains' is an utter delight, wistful and hopeful at the same time, and kieren's vocals are just perfect. This is a great song, and includes a complex mini jam as well.

Now the other song you brushed over, 'Henry Lane' is in some ways the best thing on this excellent album, and I'd urge you to listen again. A keening lament "summer's nearly over now"... to an era about to pass utterly away. What a lovely song it is.

As for the live songs, I agree .. this jam is just powerful stuff, great bass solo, but what really strikes home are the band dynamics. Man, this band was tight.


Mike Healy <> (05.06.2002)

Actually, both Louis Cennamo and Martin Pugh joined Keith Relf for the sole Armageddon LP, with drummer Bobby Caldwell at some of his hardest-hitting best. Keith Relf apparently lent a hand in the production of Speech, as seen in the teeny credits on the inside cover. Makes you wonder what this album would have sounded like if he'd had been the lead singer, instead of Garth Watt-Roy (from The Greatest Show On Earth). Then again, with the Armageddon album, your question is answered right there. In many ways, it's a refinement over Speech. In fact, the riff in "Battlements" (in the "Penumbra" suite) was used as the main riff and body for the opening track "Buzzard".

The stitching together of parts in "For/Against" wasn't entirely their fault, as Mick Bradley was no longer there, possibly before they were even finished putting togther the album. They did get another drummer and vocalist later on in 1972 and toured, but that was pretty much it for the band after that.

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