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Amanda Kenyon <> (15.05.2004)

I happen to love and live with a diehard Satriani fan, and this is really not a good thing. I can't stand the man. Satch, I mean, not my boyfriend. Starting with his nickname - every time Kevin or his buddies mention "Satch," I get confused and think they mean Louis Armstrong - aka "Satchmo" or "Satch." Argh. Beyond that, he's just boring. Brilliant guitarist, I'll give him that, but I've never been a fan of pointless guitar solos and that's really all his music is. You can't tell one song from the next because they're ALL, every single one of them, heavy thrashy guitar noise backed by heavy thrashy drum noise. What the hell is the point?? I've also had the miserable experience of a Satriani concert that I was dragged to against my will, and spent the whole two hours wishing I were anywhere else. My basic opinion of Satriani is that he's entirely too self-important and overrated.


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Breck Brizendine <> (27.03.2006)

I loved this album when it first came out (being a guitar freak, anyone who could play a million miles an hour was tops with me) but when I mentioned it to a friend (who, honestly, could blast Satch through a wall) he winced. "Listen to those programmed drums," he said -and doggoned if they didn't sound like a Casio. And then -and then- step by step, the thing just began sounding more and more hollow -while artists like Jethro Tull, who didn't need million-miles-an-hour guitar solos to shake you, started sounding more and more meaningful. Sometimes I wonder if my musical experiences are limited. Are there any super-guitarists after the 70s who know how to construct great, memorable chord progressions and melodies? Maybe Satch had to kowtow to the spirit of the times -read: music industry heads. Empty posturing sells -do it. Whatever. I'm actually very sympathetic toward the guy -he's got tons of talent, I would just love to see it more focused.

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