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Glenn Wiener <> (09.06.2002)

Glad to see you broadening your horizons. This light pop jazz release is truly excellent. Not long on variety but superb as background music when you want to set a pleasing mood. Truthfully its hard to understand what you don't like about 'Why Can't We Live Together'. The minimilistic effects combined with the alleged chanting lyrics are what gives the piece true beauty. Unsophisticated, I think not. If there is a weak number here, its 'Hang On To Your Life' which drags a bit in the fade out. In general this is an easy listening gem.

Geoff Chappell <> (11.06.2002)

Exactly how does being black, Nigerian, and female make one more qualified to make social comment than a person who is white, male, and American? Why is this statement in a Sade review in which you ought to be trying like hell to justify a five star rating?

Ian Cockburn <> (17.06.2005)

Dear George,

A small technical point. I don't believe "Sally" is about a prostitute, but rather about the Salvation Army, making a reference to their charitable works, such a hostels for the homeless. Whether this is hard-hitting social comment I leave you to decide.


Glenn Wiener <> (09.09.2002)

Maybe not quite as good as the first time, but still the tones are pretty captivating to my ears. Beautiful vocal stylings and pleasing instrumentation. I agree that War of the Hearts does drain after a while. However, 'The Sweetest Taboo' and 'Fear' have so much beauty and polish that they clearly overshadow the somewhat repetitive 'Your Love Is King' from the debut release.

A little softer than Diamond Life but a decent follow up.

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