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Carmit Cohen <Carmita@Racing.Hm> (01.11.2001)

well, i actually think that rory gallagher had really a unique sound. true, he insisted on doing things his way, and maybe it made his music to be all in one line, but that's all a part of the final package, which wan't all that bad. he wasn't led zep, that's true, but i don't think he ever tried to be. i think he was just a guy who wanted to play some music, maybe that's why he wasn't all that succesfull, and why one can hardly find interviews of him and so on. anyhows, i think your review on the taste albums was maybe a bit too deadly, it's really easy to say "they weren't ledzep or cream", of course they weren't ledzep or cream, they were taste, and that was something else. different perposes, different melodies, different rythems. yes, there is a dirty sound, but that makes it maybe a bit more othentic, not necceserly lack of talent, and the truth is that taste was way ahead of it's time in blues, or rock blues.

and by the way, those albums ARE still on print, as a matter of fact i saw quite a bunch of them on my last trip to europe: in berlin, dublin and london.

Charles Oliver <> (17.02.2002)

George, I think you're the only reviewer on the net who's written about this guy - more's the pity since he's one great guitar player. I much prefer Rory's blues-rock style to more 'popular' guitarists eg. Clapton or Stevie Ray. I remember seeing him headline one day at the Reading Festival in about 1975/1976, after he'd released Against the grain, and he put on a memorable show. You forgot to mention his trademark beaten-up Fender Stratocaster, chequered shirt, jeans and sneakers - the guy never really changed his style much and never ever sold out to whatever the current musical trend of the day was. Personally, I like most of his work with Rory Gallagher, Tattoo and the live albums being my favourites. I also rate Fresh Evidence highly too. I think his weaker material were the 'heavier' albums Photo Finish and Top Priority but, everyone to their own, right!

Eqg Document, Control 2 <> (01.10.2003)

The guy was(is ) a Legend, when that word is bandied about for some really inferior talents.One thing I have to say to you though, like a lot of Americans, you tend to confuse "England" & "Britain", Rory was Irish(not part of the U K) & I am Scottish & we do not take kindly to being called "English". Are you "Canadian" [actually, I'm Russian, but the correction still definitely stands. Thanks - G.S.]

Paul Gavin Dixon <> (31.12.2003)

Rory is my favorite guitarist , singer and songwriter . on stage he was indescribable!!! i'm a musician too and Irish Tour was a manifestation for me . thank you for your warm words and execellent reviews .

John Stefas <> (07.08.2004)

Personally, I believe Rory was a much better guitarist than any other I have heard, may it be Jimi or Stevie Ray or I don't know who. Irish tour is one of my favourite albums and I also have the DVD, which is great. Too bad it doesn't have the same versions. In my opinion "A million miles away" is a cornerstone in Rory's career. Rest in peace Rory. You will never be forgotten...

Phil <> (13.01.2006)

Hi George , I think Rory Gallagher was not only the greatest guitarist we ever seen but the greatest performer ,outwith his official albums Rory is probally the most recorded artist Ever, BMG say its Elvis then Rory .these recordings are starting to be released Rory Gallagher strats are been snapped up at $2600 all over europe and the states ,theres more Rory tributes taking place each year and great sites like yours , makes you proud to be a Roryfan

<> (20.02.2006)

George, nice comments about Rory.

He was actually hugely popular in the UK, not least for being the nicest, kindest and gentlest guy you could meet. When Taster split up, they were packing halls around the whole of Europe and even the States. As a musician, I have never, in all my days of playing and performing and watching, seen a guitarist who is so incredibly sincere and just so darn good. He always had great bands and now that there are decent live videos (see review below), a little magic remains of this truly great guitarist. Dear old Slash jumped up on stage with him at the Roxy, gazed in wonder, and quickly jumped off again. He later said that when you are in the presence of the master, you shut up and listen. His sad death at 46 was marked by tributes from BB King, Muddy, Van Morrison, U2, Eric and anybody who is anybody. Shame they all kept so quite about him when he was alive and in need. Rory Gallagher Plaza in Cork is named after him.

A wonderful musician and true to the blues. I miss him, I really do.


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Joe Spaulding <> (10.06.2001)

I think this one deserves the 10 simply because the overall songs are better then they were on the debut.  Sure 'On The Boards' is real bad, but the rest is mighty fine.  'If I don't Sing I'll Cry' is a blues masterpiece and I love it when Rory sings scat on 'I'll Remember', he had such a great voice!  And I think 'Railway And Gun' is another highlight, the way it starts off kind of country-ish and then transforms into a good blues rocker.  His ballads are no waste either, 'If The Day Was Any Longer' is real pretty and unlike you I think 'See Hear' is a real little gem. Overall a real good solid blues album.


collins.invercargill <> (23.07.2000)

I had the Taste albums when they came out in the 60's. Great party music(the bikers I hung out with thought so). Just picked up a copy of Live Taste this year and while time hasn't been entirely kind it'll still get a couple of spins a year on my turntable. Now if you want to get into reviewing really obscure records how about the Don Nix albums I've hung onto since the early 70's.

Dave Roberts <> (29.11.2003)


Just read your review on Live Taste didn't really understand it....was you for it or against it.

Had the album in 71 got the cd a couple years ago spontanious unpretentious cool and brilliant....


James Hitt, Jr. <> (27.05.2002)

This album was the first one I bought from Rory. It is quite good! He is one of the most resonant blues-men I have ever heard: I mean, when this guy hurts, you FEEL it, man! "I Fall Apart" is simply one of the most honest and emotional songs one could ever hear. The same can be said about "Wave Myself Goodbye." The almost happy sound of this little acoustic blues ditty seems to just better emphasize the lonely, introspective blueness of the words. This is one skillful and truly unique blues songwriter.


<> (15.10.2001)

Great album but suffers from poor production quality.


<> (24.10.2001)

Rory plays a mandolin, not a banjo on this lp.


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Kai Häggman <> (14.06.2001)

The lyrics in this song refer to Rorys childhood. He used to be very fond of all these small circuses (with bearded ladies and so on), that went around Ireland. This LP was a great favourite of mine in the early 70`s. Last month I bought the Cd and the magic was still there. Thank you for great pages.


<> (20.09.2001)

i really enjoy this one. you can hear rory's enthusiasm when he does a great riff. this album (cd) captured the great energy of one of his shows.


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<> (15.09.2001)

This is my favorite album in Rorys catalog. The title song is my favorite on this album. This song has elements of jazz in it ,Not heard of by Rory since his Taste album ,ON THE BOARDS. 'MOONCHILD' & 'SECRET AGENT' are the only rockers on this release. The rest are country rock in nature. All in all,A well rounded release!!!


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