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Pat D. <> (22.06.2002)

Actually, i've only heard 'Mechanix' off of this album, since before the remastered edition, people said to stay away from this 'deth release. Now, for some reason, dethheads are proclaiming this as the best Megadeth release ever.

But yeah, the production sucks. And Chris Poland wouldnt get any more interesting on the next release, which would also be his last with the band. Too bad it would be five years before Mr. Marty Friedman would take over a good portion of the lead work. BTW, i dont know if you realized this (my apologies if you did), but Dave is probably just as much to blame, if not more so, for the monotonous soloing as Chris on these first two albums. Its kind of hard to pick them apart here, because to me they sound very similar, but you can definitely tell who's soloing when he's trading scales with Marty later on.

theo kelly <> (14.07.2005)

My interest in that band was only reignited recently by their re-released/remix/remastered backcatalogue which adds a lacking crunch to the songs. Killing Is My Business is indeed one of their best albums. There's a lot more going on than I otherwise thought: it's fun record if only because its so fast! Some guitar parts are re-recorded, but not so that the record is markedly different. Perhaps you should listen to those records in this light.

As for lacking great solos, I disagree but would love if you'd review Rust In Peace featuring the lead guitar of Marty Friedman though you've no doubt heard it already. I would just be interested in hearing what you have to say about it.


Pat D. <> (23.11.2002)

Yeah, compared to the previous release, the mixing/production on Peace Sells is heavenly. Compared to a truly good metal production like Death's last studio album and Metallica's sellout release, however, it doesn't sound so hot. Drums are actually weaker than Killing, if you can believe that, and the guitars dont really chunk heavily, its more Reign in Blood rackety type slashing. And hey, if you think the soloing on this album is bland and reptitive, wait till you get to the next release and the thankfully short stint of Jeff Young.

Anyways, "Devils Island" rules. Even my Dad likes that song, and he hates just about every other thrash song in existance. Remarkably pop-like, yet with an edge that the true pop metal bands of the time (Motley Crue) wouldnt have a prayer in playing. Dave's voice is actually the best it would ever get on this album, as he turns in awful performances for the rest of the 80s and early 90s until Youthanasia. Overall, i guess it gets either a 3 and a half or 4. The bands true peak wouldnt come till the early 90s when the astounding Cacophony virtuoso Marty Friedman tore every former 'deth guitarist a new one with his performance on 1990s Rust in Peace.

Dan Miller <> (12.12.2002)

Pat D. may wish to reassess his opinion of "former 'Deth guitarists" and take Chris Poland's solo albums for a spin. The biggest problem with Megadeth, from Day One to somewhere around Youthanasia, was Dave Mustaine's unquenchable ego and the fact that he relegated his other guitarists to second-class band members. Oh, and his smack habit that nearly sent he and bassist David Ellefson to their graves. That said, Peace Sells is a thrash classic. "Wake Up Dead" and the title track are quite melodic, believe it or not - the former has myriad sections to it that link together very well. I like "The Conjuring" because it is so unmelodic, very static and the true definition of "slower" speed metal. True, the lyrics to "Black Friday" ("paint the devil on the wall?" What the hell is that shit?) are embarrassing, but the opening acoustic "Good Mourning" is effective, and you can feel Dave's metamorphosis as he growls, "what the fuck is this???" Sure, the year was 1986, and rivals Metallica put out the way better Master of Puppets, but Peace Sells is a classic that betters anything Metallica had done since; it is amongst Megadeth's finest; and, together with Master of Puppets, Reign in Blood, Speak English or Die and Among the Living, is a definitive speed metal classic. Unfortunately, with numerous personnel changes and erratic behavior, Megadeth's future is a little bit bumpy, to say the least.

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