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Frog Princess <> (25.10.2003)

You're completely wrong in your Pretty On The Inside review. You're missing the point entirely. It's not meant to be musical genius, or to sound like the Beatles or Nirvana's Nevermind. It's not catchy, radio-friendly, or overflowing with "hooks". Maybe the musicianship isn't excellent, maybe the lyrics aren't Shakespeare, maybe the song ideas aren't "interesting". What the album is effective at doing, however, is being honest. It conveys all its themes of pain, rage, saddness and hate terrifyingly well, if you give it a chance. Personally, when I first got it, I despised it and was terribly disappointed that I'd waisted my $13.99. My thoughts were similar to your review. However, I forced myself to listen to it again, and by the third time, I was addicted. There's something about Courtney's screams, about the sloppiness of the instruments, that pulls you into the emotion of the song. It's beautiful in its ugliness. You may think it sucks, but I don't think you gave it enough of a chance. Beyond the surface, its has an unintentional genius to it. Anyway, that's my rant.

Eric Bukowski <> (09.07.2005)

I gotta admit, this album is most definately not a classic. However, I must say that it conveys the feelings of haphazardness and not giving a shit perfectly, in essence, it's the quintessential album Courtney Love has played on. I haven't heard it since I was 15 years old but I remember liking it, and especially the wierd sequence with the radio going in and out with "Cinnamon Girl" in it.

It's really just a bunch of noise and cacophony, badly composed, badly played, and sung even worse but it's all the better for it. I remember having to be in the mood for it, and it wasn't often, but when I was this mess of an album did sound good time to time. It's good for those hungover "pissed off and don't give a fuck" days, though there's better music for those times I must admit. I don't even know why I'm sticking up for it as it's not really worth it.

I wouldn't even say that this album was worth my time to comment on if I didn't want to try to tell you that you absolutely SHOULD NOT write off Hole. Pretty On The Inside, my friend, is a totally inessential release on all counts. However, by the time Courtney and the girls and guy got around to Live Through This they made a complete turnaround. Melodic as all hell, passionately sung, and the whole thing is iced to the brim with Patti Smith style rebellious attitude and abrasive guitars (though this time they most definately resemble music and have actual melodies). There's several acoustic numbers which are fantastic as well. They poured their hearts into this one. If we're gonna compare husband and wife this album is hands down better than the overrated Nevermind. Every track ranges from good to great.

They also released the far more sugary and candy-poppish Celebrity Skin which smoothes their sound into some very lush and pretty candy guitar-pop, with some rockers for good measure. I'd reccomend these to anybody. The vocal harmonies on "Malibu" are pure heaven. If you're going to listen to any Hole I'd find it wise to avoid Pretty On The Inside and pick the other two up instead.

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