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collins.invercargill <> (01.08.2000)

Although I'm not familiar with all the early Fairport albums I have listened a lot to Unhalfbricking and Leige and Leave. For me the latter record is by far the better of the two,especially the magnificent,moody, Tam Lin which builds such a great story and must be the high point of the relationship between traditional English folk and electric rock. I don't like any of the Dylan covers on Unhalfbricking, do like 'Who Knows where the Time goes' and Sandy Deny's voice.

If Unhalfbricking rates an 11 the Leige and Leaf would have to be at least 3 points higher,in a different league really.

P.S. just had another listen to Liege and Lief and might have to up my previous rating even higher, forgot just how good some of the other songs like Matty Groves were. The interplay between violin and guitar of that track, weaving around Deny's voice carry that dark tale of love and violent death wonderfully and I'd love to have to prove that there's anything better on Unhalfbricking.

<> (24.08.2000)

i used to own evry fairport up to full house{wich is every one with richard thompson).one day i realized what a wonderful band they were pre-liege and realized how grossly overrated liege was.why?because the band went from being open-minded band to a stylized band and the genre they were tapping,irish folk music,never sounded quite right adapted to electric instruments.the famous"matty groves"(i believe thats the one)from liege is a prime example of how horrible they had become at this point...while the music is competant it seems harnassed to a set of lyrics wich would be best listened to in a simplistic environment where the lyrics are the prime focus.nothing wins:the music is stifled by the story and the story is almost absurdified by the music.the incredible stringbands effort with celtic music were far more imaginative...

Michael Warren <> (01.11.2000)

Unhalfbricking is a very good record, though tiresome at times. 'Who Knows Where The Time Goes?' is a lovely, wistful, melancholy song. I think 'Percy' has a great melody; but the sanctimonious, stupidly rebellious mode that Bob Dylan's writing sometimes slips into, is present in the lyrics.(just my impression--maybe I misunderstand the spirit of the words). 'Million Dollar Bash', as you said, is spirited fun. 'Genesis Hall', a minor classic. Well, I just have one thing to say: Why didn't you review Liege And Lief on this page ? (actually, Fairport deserves their own page)..........TO ONE AND ALL: If you don't own Liege And Lief, BUY IT TODAY ! One of the greatest albums ever made ! ! ! The combination of Rock heaviness and authority with the weird, yet natural, beauty of old Celtic/English musical ideas and stories is ......well......close to sublime. Listening to 'Matty Groves' makes me want to pull forth my ancient sword and slay a dragon......oh, I don't have a sword?.......ok, maybe pick up an axe and hew down a mighty oak......but I'm too out of shape...... well....maybe lift my hands to the sky and shout "Yeah!". Like after seeing a Deep Purple concert when Ritchie and Purple were in their know, that feeling when the wind is wild and cold and you look up at the sky through the branches of bare trees, and it's dark and grey, but the colors and shapes of the grass and trees and rocks and bushes somehow seem more clear and beautiful than ever before, and you almost feel scared of the awesome power of the raging wind and cold, but you also feel exultant...... thrilled to be alive.......

Didier Dumonteil <> (05.02.2001)

I appreciate the French version of "if you gotta go" comme un Français que je suis!Down with grammar.The mistakes are the thrill of it all.By the way,"you gotta " is it good syntax?


Didier <> (10.05.2004)

Liege and lief was mainly remarkable for the extraordinary version of "Matty Groves" ,which Joan Baez had already recorded on her in concert vol1 album. Sandy Denny completely dwarfed her colleague:using two, three ,four different voices to convey all the characters' feelings,she literally takes us through the mist of time to a distant past and the Lord,his wife and Matty really come to life.This might the most successful cover of an English traditional ballad."The deserter" -nothing to do with Boris Vian's famous anti-war song- is also wothwhile,but the rest of the record does not equal unhalfbricking. I urge the FC lovers to listen to Richard Thompson's solo albums :buried treasures are waiting for them there:he simply beat them at their own game.


David Wraith <> (11.02.2006)

A disappointing album after Full House. The songs are rather harsh and do not compare to the folky 'Sir Patrick Spens', the classic folk instrumental 'Dirty Linen' and the magnificent 'Sloth'. Though nothing compares to Liege and Lief the greatest folk rock album ever.

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