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Fidel Saúl Juárez Guzmán <> (07.03.2003)

My favorite rock vocalist has got to be Dylan but the man could've never done something this bizarre and yet inspired. "Vocal gymnastics" indeed, that manage to baffle, excite and please after repeated listens (unlike Yoko's... poor Yoko). Though not a masterpiece, obviously there wasn't a point to put layers of mystery or snarling the arrangements, like Trout Mask Replica but to achieve something unique, relying a tremendous amount of deal on Buckley's unquestionable genius as a vocalist. Not to say that the band "alone" isn't competent (the trumpet's gorgeous) but you know, without "them" you don't exactly get, say, 'Strictly Genteel' either (but you do get 'Moulin rouge', a very ironic sounding track in the midst of all the craze).

Agree with the score of 12. This isn't ridiculously conceptual to be considered avant-garde but too music oriented, therefore it is music (duh) and by your standards, it should be rated (even if it's that daring). By the way, maybe you shouldn't recommend readers to actually purchase Metal Machine Music and somehow torture themselves. Even if you were joking a bit, some people do pursue that goal. (Starsailor doesn't even have a single review in Amazon -the website, being probably the most blatant forum for public praise in the internet. How's that for unjustice?)

There's an almost innocent quality about Starsailor, which resonates with the double mild grinning of Buckley (in identical poses) on the cover art. Down with that ugly fish mask again.

Now I shut up.

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