George Starostin: Interests

Professional interests.

My main area of occupation is historical linguistics, which is, quite naturally, a field where you can rarely see one end from the other, so if you split it into sub-topics, here are the ones that occupy me the most:

  • Methodology of historical-comparative lingistics.
  • General issues of long-range comparison.
  • Genetic classification of the languages of Africa.
  • Comparative Khoisan linguistics.
  • Comparative Dravidian linguistics.
  • Comparative Yeniseian linguistics.
  • Old Chinese and its place among Sino-Tibetan languages.
  • Reconstruction of Proto-Nostratic.
  • Reconstruction of Proto-Sino-Caucasian.

  • Non-professional interests.

    I don't have too many of those, to be honest, let alone ones that could be bragged about on an Internet site. I do have a relatively large record collection of popular music, mainly from the Sixties and upwards, much of which I have reviewed on my music-dedicated site, Only Solitaire, because I couldn't figure out what else to do with it. Strange enough, some people actually liked my reviews even though I can't read music, much less write it; so it's only fair that many more people hated them. But I did get a few gentlemen into Bob Dylan's Selfportrait and Paul McCartney's Ram, so, in my eyes at least, there was some practical use to the site. I don't update it much any more, but I still occasionally write a little bit on music - my Marginal Observations.

    Another odd interest of mine is classic Sierra adventure games; I have a weird theory that this type of games represented the pinnacle in computer entertainment, and that, since this pinnacle is no longer standing, computer entertainment nowadays isn't really worth a damn thing. As a small, humble tribute to said pinnacle, I am occasionally adding little touches to my Sierra-dedicated site - hoping that it might get a few people to try out those old classics and, perchance, to recognize true gaming bliss when they see it.

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