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Number: 2190
Proto-Semitic: *rāḥ-(at)-, *riḥ-at-
Afroasiatic etymology: Afroasiatic etymology
Meaning: palm of hand
Akkadian: rittu 'Hand' OB on [AHw 990]
Eblaitic: ra/la-ʔà-tum /raḥ(a)tum/ [Kr 19; Bl E No. 83]
Ugaritic: rḥt [Aist 290]
Arabic: rāḥat- 'paume de la main' [Belot 277].

    Strangely enough, this word is translated 'parure de la main' [BK 1 947]. Cf. raḥaḥ- 'largeur du sabot chez le cheval ou le mulet' [BK 1 835], obviously related raḥrāḥat- is also quoted without reference; not to be found in available dictionaries of ARB

Geʕez (Ethiopian): ʔǝrāḥ 'palm of hand' [LGz 38]
Tigre: räḥat 'palm of hand, sole of foot' [LH 147].

    According to Leslau, borrowed from ARB [LGz 38]

Tigrai (Tigriñña): raḥ ʔid 'palma della mano' [Bass 150]
Mehri: rǝḥāt 'palm of hand' [JM 333]
Jibbali: irɔ́ḥɔ́t 'palm of hand' [JJ 218]
Harsusi: ǝrḥāt, rīḥet 'palm of the hand' [JH 107]
Soqotri: ríḥoh 'paume' [LS 399] (cf. also [SSL LS 1470; SSL 496])
Notes: In the reconstructed proto-form, *-ā- relies on HBR (below), ARB, ETH and EBL data, and -i-, on ARM JUD (below), MSA and probably AKK. The -at- ending, likely of common SEM origin, is probably lost in GEZ and TNA.

    Cf. variant stems with what looks like an *ʔi- prefix in GEZ, HRS and JIB (to be reconstructed as PSEM?).

    Note a meaning shift in HBR raḥat 'winnowing shovel' [KB 1222] < *raḥt-, with shortening of *ā in a closed syllable, a process common in HBR; the meaning of JUD riḥătā 'winnowing shovel' [Ja 705] is likely to be influenced by HBR (see however CHR PAL ARM rḥt 'vanna' [Schulthess 193]).

    Cf. JUD liḥătā, luḥătā 'the splint-bone, the outer small bone of the leg' [Ja 1470] and SYR laḥtā 'vola manus' [Brock 363] to be compared to *riḥat- as a variant root.

    Cf. ETH EAST: HAR ḥarda 'sole of the foot, track, trace' [LH 85]; according to Leslau, from CUSH (CUSH examples are not quite convincing). Alternative, though no more solid, explanations are a metathesis from *raḥ + ʔǝd(a) (cf. TNA raḥ ʔid) 'hand' with a subsequent shift of meaning (note that 'hand' is iǧi in HAR; cf. also iǧi ḥarda 'the palm of the hand' [ibid.]); or a metathesis <*raḥda <*raḥat, with an unexplained change t > d incorporated into the stem.

    [Fron 48] (*rāḥ-at- 'mano aperta' /GEZ,TGR, ARB,SYR,CHRPAL ARM,HBR,UGR,AKK/); [Brock 363]: SYR, HBR, ARB (rāḥat-; also raḥrāḥat- quoted without reference--not to be found in available dictionaries of ARB), GEZ, AKK, SOQ (quoted as rih_ôti, not confirmed by [LS]); [Holma 119]: AKK, ARB (rāḥat- and raḥrāḥat-), HBR, GEZ; [KB 1222]: HBR, ARM, UGR, AKK, GEZ, TGR, ARB; [LGz 38]: GEZ, TGR (considered an ARB loan), ARB, SOQ, HBR, UGR, AKK, SYR; [LS 399]: SOQ, MSA, ARB, GEZ, AKK


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