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Eurasiatic: *ṗerV
Meaning: edge
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *per-
Altaic: *p`eri
Uralic: *perä (also pertV 'side')
Kartvelian: *ṗir- (+ *ṗirw- 826)
Dravidian: *pur_-/*per_- (*-d_-)
Comments: Cf. also PA *p`ìrá 'far', *p`ire 'bank' (for 'one' cf. also PA *bi̯uri; PD *ver_- 'empty; alone'?]; PD *paṛ-[k-] 'side'.
References: ND 1761 *ṗerä 'ground, earth' (Mong., TM + dub. FV, CChad. and Akk.); 1763 *ṗeR[o] 'lip, edge' (same Mong., Jap., incorr. Turk. + FU *pertV + IE + Kartv.), 1764 *P_erV 'bottom, buttocks' (same TM + Ur. *perä + dub. Drav.). Probably 2 roots, but with different division (A: Alt. *p`eri : Drav. *paṛ-; B: Alt. *p`ira : Drav. *per_-, with a confusion in other families?). Cf. also: PA *pĭ́rò (~ b-) 'beak, nose'; IE *bhrn- 'mouth', *bhrd- 'hill, edge'; Cush. *pVr- 'lip, face' (ND 1763); ST *b(h)ēr 'side'; NC *pŭrV 'part of face under the nose' (so far not enough to make a deeper etymology); Austric: PAA *pɛ:r 'edge, bank', Kmr. kpe:r 'near', Munda hopor id., PAN *SipaR 'opposite side', *papaR 'cheek, side', hampir 'near, close by'; PAA *bʔǝr / *bʔuar 'mouth, lip', PAN *biRbiR 'lip', *su(m)bir 'rim, edge, border, lip', *birbir 'edge'.

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