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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *ōuyo-
Meaning: egg
Other Iranian: NPers xāya 'Ei, Hode'
Armenian: ʒu, gen. ʒvoy
Old Greek: ion., att. ōi̯ó-n, ōó-n (hell.,), Sappho ṓio-n, Epich., Ibyk., Semon. ṓeo-n n. `Ei', *ṓweo-: ṓbeon 'egg', ōbeokóptēs 'egg-breaker, name of a species of snake' Hsc.
Slavic: *āje, *ājьce
Germanic: *ajjá- n., m.
Latin: ōvum, -ī n. (/ōvus m.) `Ei'
Celtic: *āui̯o-m 'Ei' > MIr og, gen. ug(a)e, dat. uig; Cymr wy, pl. wyaw; OCorn uy
Russ. meaning: яйцо
References: WP I 21 f

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