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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *kand- / *kend-
Nostratic etymology: Nostratic etymology
Meaning: to burn brightly, to shine
Old Indian: candati `to shine, be bright', candrá- (in comp. ścandrá-) `glittering, shining; m. moon', candana- m., n. `sandal wood'
Old Greek: kándaro-s m. = ánthraks Hsch.
Latin: accendō, -ere, -dī, -sum, incendō, -e re, -dī, -sum `an-, entzünden, anfachen'; candeo, -ēre, -uī `glänzen, schimmern, hellglühen', candidus, -a `blendend weiss, heiter strahlend, lauter', candēla f. `Kerze, Wachsschnur', candor m. `weisser Glanz, Helle'
Celtic: Cymr cann `weiss, hell'; OBret cant `canus'; MBret cann `Vollmond'
Albanian: geg. hąnɛ, tosk. hɛnɛ `Mond'
Russ. meaning: ярко гореть, сиять
References: WP I 352

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