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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *(o)wer-
Meaning: squirrel
Other Iranian: NPers varvarah `Eichhorn'
Old Greek: ai̯élou̯ro-s m., f. Tiername, `Kater, Katze ?', `Wiesel ?', ái̯lou̯ro-s `id.'; skíou̯ro-s m. `Eichhörnchen'
Slavic: *vēverъkā, *vēverīcā
Baltic: *wēwer-i-, *wā̂wer-i- (1) c., *wāwer-iā̃ (1) f., *wāwer-ia- m., *waiwar-a- m., *waiwer-i- c.
Germanic: *īk-wir-n-a- m., -an- m., -wur-n-an- m. (secondarily *aik-wirnan-)
Latin: vīverra f. `Frettchen'
Celtic: Cymr gwywer `Eichhörnchen', Bret gwiber `Eichhörnchen', Gael feoragh `Eichhörnchen'
Russ. meaning: зверек (белка)
References: WP I 287 f

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