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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *(e)nomen-, <PIH *l- ?>
Nostratic etymology: Nostratic etymology
Meaning: name
Hittite: laman- n. 'Name', lamnija- (I) 'nennen' (Friedrich 126, 127); h.l. at(a)man-, (?) Lyk. adâma(n)
Tokharian: A ñom, B ñem (PT *ñēm) 'name' (Adams 270)
Old Indian: nā́man- n. `name'
Avestan: nąman- 'Name'
Other Iranian: OPers nāma
Armenian: anun `Name'
Old Greek: ónoma, -atos n., aeol., dor. ónüma `Name'
Slavic: *jь̄́mę̄
Baltic: *emnen- m.
Germanic: *naman- n., m., *namn-a- n.; *nōm-ia- vb.
Latin: nōmen, -inis n. `Name, Benennung; Wesen; Begriff (von Einzelwesen und Völkern)
Other Italic: Umbr nome, numem, gen. nomner `Name'
Celtic: OIr ainm n-, pl. anmann `Name'; MCymr, Corn hanow `Name', MBret hanff, hanu, NBret hano `Name'
Albanian: geg. emǝr, tosk. ǝmǝn Name
Russ. meaning: имя
References: WP I 132

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