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Germanic etymology :

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Proto-Germanic: *aida-z, *áisōn, *ísōn, *aistō; *aidla-z
Meaning: flame, spark
IE etymology: IE etymology
Old Norse: eisa f. `glühende Asche, Feuer'; eld-r m. `Feuer'
Norwegian: dial. eisa `Feuerställe'; dial. e(i)ld, e(i)ll
Swedish: ässja, dial. ajsa `Herdfeuer'; eld `Flamme', dial. äild
Danish: esse `Esse'
Old English: ād, -es m. `funeral pile, pile, heap'; āst, -e `kiln'
English: oast `Hopfendarre'
Old Saxon: ēd `vuur, brandstapel'
Middle Dutch: eest(e), ēst(e)
Dutch: eest m. `droogoven'
Middle Low German: eiste; ēse f. `Esse, Feuerherd'
Old High German: eit m. `Glut, Scheiterhaufen'; essa `Brandstätte, Schmelzofen' (9.Jh.)
Middle High German: eit (-t-) st. m. 'feuer, ofen'; esse st. f. `esse, feuerherd'
German: Esse f.

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