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Germanic etymology :

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Proto-Germanic: *bauma-z, *bagwma-z; *biwwá-n
Meaning: tree
IE etymology: IE etymology
Gothic: bagm-s m. (a) `tree'
Old Norse: baδm-r m. `Baum'; bügg n. `Gerste, Getreide'
Norwegian: bügg
Old Swedish: bagn `Stock'
Swedish: bjugg, dial. bju, bügg
Danish: büg
Old English: bēam; bēow `Getreide, Gerste', beo `Gerste', beowod `Ernte'
English: beam
Old Frisian: bām; bē `Gerste'
Old Saxon: bōm
Middle Dutch: boom
Dutch: boom m.
Middle Low German: bōm
Old High German: boum (8.Jh.)
Middle High German: boum st. m. (/boun, bōm, bōn, bām) 'baum'
German: Baum m.

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