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Nakh etymology :

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Proto-Nakh: *=ill-
North Caucasian etymology: North Caucasian etymology
Meaning: 1 to lie 2 to put
Chechen: ʕ-ill- 1,=ill 2
Ingush: all- 1, =ill- 2
Batsbi: =ill- 2
Comments: A very productive PN root with rich Ablaut. It forms two vowel grade pairs:

    1) PN term. *-ill- (also with a *ʕ- preverb) > Chech. ʕill- "lie", -ill- "put upon (smth.)", Ing. -ill- "put", Bacb. -ill- id. / dur. *-ē-b-l > Bacb. -ebl- "put upon, inside". The root is also used with a t- prefix ( *t-ill- 'to put (from above)' > Chech., Ing., Bacb. till-, dur. *t-ēbl- > Bacb. tebl-.

    2) PN intr. *-āll- > Chech. -all- (-äll-ira) "be (put) inside", Ing. -all- (-oall-) "to be inside", all- "lie" / tr. *-ōll- > Chech., Ing., Bacb. -oll- "to put inside, put in".

    There are also some common Nakh forms with a single *-l- (geminated *-ll- in the forms listed above is either expressive, or reflects old suffixation). Besides *-ēbl- 'to put upon, inside' cf. also PN *=ōl- / *=ēbl- 'to begin' (Chech. =ōl-, Ing. =ol-, Bacb. =ol- / =ebl-), =āl- / *=ēbl- 'to finish' (Chech. =āl-/=īl-/=owl-, Ing. =al-). The semantic change 'to put > to begin/finish' ('*to put a beginning/end') is widely spread in Caucasian languages.

    An old nominal derivate is PN *lol ( < *r-ol = PC *rɨLǝ, PA *riƛV-) "leathern loop on belt for hanging up the dagger" (= "receptacle, place to put smth. in"), reflected in Chech. lol (lala-ra-), Ing. lol (lala-ro).

    [The productiveness of this root in PN may be explained by the fact that it probably reflects a merger of two EC roots: *-ä̆ƛĔw and *-iŁV 'to put'.]


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