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Lezghian etymology :

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Proto-Lezghian: *girgʷV-
North Caucasian etymology: North Caucasian etymology
Meaning: round
Tabasaran: gergmi
Agul: gilgenf
Tsakhur: gɨrgɨra-n
Kryz: gurgum
Budukh: gungurṭi
Archi: guk:i
Udi: k:ank:oroj
Comment: Reconstruction is rather difficult because of the root's expressive nature. The Arch. form guk:i may be influenced or borrowed from Lak. k:urk:i- (as also the verb kʷek:i-s 'to roll'). In Tsakh. the pronoun 'all' (gɨrgɨ-n) is also probably derived from this root (< *all around, everywhere). Note also the form Tsakh. Mishl. gilgilen preserving -l-: this and Ag. gilgen-f probably go back to *girgʷV- with a suffixed -l- (with subsequent -r- > -l- assimilation). The same root in a nominal function is preserved in Lezg. gig (erg. gigini-) 'axis', Ag. k:uk: 'roller (for ramming roof)' (with emphatic reflex k:), Bursh. gilgen 'small round stone', Arch. gik:u-r 'roof roller'.

    See Лексика 1971, 221; Гигинейшвили 1977, 68.


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