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Lezghian etymology :

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Proto-Lezghian: *ʔikʷän- (~-l-)
North Caucasian etymology: North Caucasian etymology
Meaning: 1 to fall 2 to lie, lie down 3 to stay 4 to throw
Lezghian: q:at-k- 2
Agul: ʁ-ulkan- 1
Rutul: lukʷa- 1,2
Kryz: i=kn- 3
Budukh: i=kin- 3
Archi: kam- 4
Comment: In Ag. only the Bursh. form is known. In Shakhdagh the semantics may be modified because of contamination with another root, PL *ʔargʷVn- (/*ʔirgʷVn-) 'to stay'; but cf. the old participial form kɨn in Kryz. kɨn xi-jiǯ 'to fall, be scattered', kɨn jeriǯ 'to scatter, pour' ( = Arch. kam-mus, dur. kamá-r 'to throw' < *kʷän-). Cf. also preverbial forms in Shakhdagh: Kryz. ʕä=kn- 'to become tired', Bud.: ʕala=kl- 'to drop, drip' (with preservation of -l due to -l- in the preverb).

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