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Lezghian etymology :

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Proto-Lezghian: *ʔIam:
North Caucasian etymology: North Caucasian etymology
Meaning: ear
Lezghian: jab
Tabasaran: ib
Agul: ibur
Rutul: ubur
Kryz: ibɨr
Budukh: ibir
Archi: oj
Udi: imuχ
Comment: The Rut., Kryz., Bud. and Ud. forms are historical plurals (with -Vr and -uχ). The Archi form is also a result of a secondary reinterpretation of the form *jam (< *ʔIam:) as a plural; a new singular form *ja had been built and later yielded (quite regularly) Arch. oj. Note that an analogous thing happened also in Udi, where there exists a noun i 'hearing' (and the verb i-baksun 'to hear').The old "plural" form (but already refigured according to the singular) is preserved in Arch. ojom 'ears'.

    See Лексика 1971, 126; Гигинейшвили 1977, 116; Талибов 1980, 274.


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