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Lezghian etymology :

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Proto-Lezghian: *č̣eƛ̣ / *č̣eƛ̣:
North Caucasian etymology: North Caucasian etymology
Meaning: 1 fish 2 green
Tabasaran: čič̣ 1 (Kand.)
Agul: č̣ek: 1
Kryz: č̣uk-nu 2
Comment: There is a certain instability of laryngeal features (rather usual for roots with two occlusives): Tab. points to PL *č̣eƛ̣ (in Tab. there occurred a secondary dissimilative deglottalisation; -č̣ is a normal reflex of *ƛ̣ probably indicating that the original vowel base had a front Auslaut vowel), but Ag. -k: and Kryz. -k- point rather to *ƛ̣: (there is, however, also a recorded variant Kryz. č̣uḳ-ni with ḳ pointing to *ƛ̣). The semantic correlation "fish" : "green" is rather common in Caucasian languages.

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