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Altaic etymology :

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Proto-Altaic: *t`égè(-rV)
Nostratic: Nostratic
Meaning: edge, border
Russian meaning: край
Turkic: *Tegre
Mongolian: *teg
Tungus-Manchu: *tegē-r (/-n)
Korean: *tǝ́h
Japanese: *tǝ́kǝ́rǝ́
Comments: Lee 1958, 118, Martin 238. The root seems to be homophonous to *t`égè 'sit, bed' and may be in fact derived ('edge, place' < 'sitting place'. The Turkic reflex here seems probable, but rather controversial: the word - if it continues PA *t`égèrV - has been heavily influenced both by PT *deg-ir- 'round' < PA *tegá (hence 'surroundings') and *dẹg- 'to touch, reach' ( < *ti̯ok`e q. v.).

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