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Entry: akko
Kiranti etymology: Kiranti etymology
Grammar: demons.pron.
Meaning: that, that one, he, she; akkosäʔ ; akkoeʔ ; akkweʔ ergative/instrumental; akkoji non-singular independent form; akkha plural dependent form; akkhaji plural independent form
Comments: akko ayu ham.beʔ khä (that today where.LOC go.NP.ISF) Where is he going to today? nammiʔ akkh.a sokkoŋ (daughter-in-law that.PLNR earring batter.DAT.PF.о3.FCT.ISF) He got those earrings forged for our daughter-in-law. khw.eʔ akkh.a.ji peʔlo kha i:tt.u.ji. (s/he.ERG that.PLNR.NS much thing teach.о3.3NS) He told them many things.
Nepali: tyo, tī, tinīharū

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