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Basque etymology :

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Proto-Basque: *[h]el- / *-hali / *aɫha
Sino-Caucasian etymology: Sino-Caucasian etymology
Meaning: 1 to bite 2 to be sore, inflamed 3 meal(time) 4 grazing, pasture
Bizkaian: el-du 2, -ari 3
Gipuzkoan: el-du 1, ala 4, -ari 3
High Navarrese: -ari 3, (Oyarzun) ala 4
Low Navarrese: -(h)ari 3, alha 4
Salazarese: -ari 3
Lapurdian: -(h)ari 3, alha 4
Zuberoan: -(h)ari 3, álha 4
Roncalese: -ari 3, ala 4
Comments: Bsq *[h]el- / *-hali / *aɫha seem to be permutations of the same original root (cf. PEC *=iʡwVl 'to feed on, eat, bite'). Bsq *-hali 'meal(time)' occurs only in compounds: (B-arc) gosaari ‘breakfast’ (< *gośa-hali: see *gośe ‘hunger, hungry’); (Z-arc) barazkari ‘midday meal, lunch’, (c) bazkari id. (cf. *barace ‘garden’); (BN) auhari ‘dinner (supper)’, (Z) aihá(r)i, (R) aigári, (B, G, BN, L) afari, (L) aphari, (B, G) apari, (Sal) abari, etc. (cf. *gau ‘night’?), etc.

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