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Number: 2663
Proto-Semitic: *gam(a)l-
Afroasiatic etymology: Afroasiatic etymology
Meaning: 'camel'
Akkadian: gammalu (gamlu) 'camel' NA [CAD g 35], [AHw. 279]. // Found mostly in royal inscriptions (in particular, among the tribute brought by Arabian kings). Almost certainly a WS loan.
Hebrew: gāmāl 'camel' [KB 197], pB. [Ja. 253]. // It is probably not accidental that this otherwise common word is extremely rare in poetry.
Aramaic: Off. gml 'camel' [HJ 226] (cf. [PY XXIX], [Kott. 195]). // Nab. gml 'camel' [HJ 226] (cf. [Cant. II 79]). // Plm. gml 'camel' [HJ 226] (cf. [PAT 353]).
Judaic Aramaic: gamlā 'camel, dromedary' [Ja. 253], [Levy WTM I 341]; gml (det. gamlā) id. [Sok. 131], gmwlh (det. gmwlth) 'herd of camels' [ibid. 131], gǝmaltā 'stock of camels' [Ja. 254]. // Sam. gml 'camel' [Tal 150].
Syrian Aramaic: gamlā 'camelus' [Brock. 120]
Mandaic Aramaic: gumla 'camel' [DM 83]
Arabic: ǯaml- 'chameau' [BK 1 330], ǯamal- id. [ibid.], ǯāmil- 'chameaux, troupeau de chameaux' [ibid.], ǯamālat- 'troupeau de chameaux; cheveaux' [ibid.]. [LA XI 123ff.], [Lane 460] (the monosyllabic form is said to be rare). Cf. further [Hommel 144ff.]
Epigraphic South Arabian: Sab. gml 'camel' [SD 49]. // Among other household animals (e.g., gmlm wbḳrm wṣ̂ʔnm 'camels, large and small cattle' J 649/40). That g. denoted 'perhaps specifically transport camels' (as suggested in [Biella 72]) is probably derived from rkbm wgmlm in J 567/3 ('riding [camels] and transport camels'?). Cf. further [Sima 92-4] where it is rightly stressed that textual attestations of g. are relatively late and and small in number.
Geʕez (Ethiopian): gamal 'camel' [LGz. 194]
Tigre: gämäl 'camel (from six years onwards)' [LH 567]
Tigrai (Tigriñña): gämäl 'camello, dromedario' [Bass. 820]
Amharic: gǝmäl, gämäl 'camel' [K 1908]
Harari: gāmäla, gāmila 'camel' [LHar. 72]
East Ethiopic: Sel. gāmēla , Wol. gamelä , Zwy. gāla (probably related to another root) 'camel' [LGur. 277]
Gurage: End. Sod. gǝmäl , Muh. Msq. Gog. gamela , Cha. Eža gamera , Enn. Gye. gamēra 'camel' [LGur. 277]
Mehri: (?) gǝmmōl 'camel man' [JM 121] (likely an Arabism)
Jibbali: gũl (pl. gmíhl) 'camel' [JJ 76]
Soqotri: gimál (gemal) 'chameau' [LS 111], gemél 'chamelle' [ibid.]
Notes: The term is conventionally reconstructed as PS since comparable forms are attested in most branches and, except for Akkadian, no clear evidence in favour of a foreign origin is at hand. However, infiltration of a term originating from an Arabian (Arabic?) source into the neighbouring languages looks quite likely (cf. [Sima 92] where late attestation in all the textual traditions is rightly stressed). // Mhr. gǝmmōl 'camel man' [JM 121] is clearly an Arabism. // Some of the Sem. terms listed above must be the source of Gr. kámēlos [Frisk 771] and Lat. camēlus [EM 89] (in both cases k- instead of g- needs an explanation); cf. further [Masson 66-7]. // [DRS 139]: *gamal- 'chameau' (Akk., Hbr., Arm., Arb., Sab., Jib., Soq., Eth.); [KB 197]: Hbr., Arm., Arb., Gez., Tgr., Akk.; [LGz. 194]: Gez., Eth., Arb., Soq., Hbr., Arm., Akk.; [LS 111]: Soq., Jib., Mhr. (gǝmmōl), Arb., Eth., Arm., Hbr.; [Firmage 1153]: Akk., Hbr., Arm., Gez., Arb.

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