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Number: 1968
Proto-Semitic: *(ʔi-)bar- 'ox, bull, calf'
Afroasiatic etymology: Afroasiatic etymology
Meaning: 'ox, bull, calf'
Akkadian: būru (pūru) 'young calf (without regard to sex; male calf just before full maturity'; foal, kid (the young of quadrupeds)' OB on [CAD b 340], [AHw 141], burtu (purtu) 'cow, heifer calf' OB on [CAD b 334], [AHw 141]
Ugaritic: cf. ibr 'caballo' + 'toro' /ʔa/ib(b)īru/ DLU, 5 ("de animal corpulento macho" does not follow from the contexts quoted) @
Hebrew: ʔabbīr 'bull' = 'strong, powerful' and 'stallion' HAL, 6. The only passage (the other , Jr. 46:15 is obscure) is Is 34:7 where nothing points to any strength@
Modern Arabic: Yem. bārah 'cow' [Piamenta 44]
Tigre: bara 'ox' [LH 274]
Amharic: bare 'ox, bull' [K 874] (or <*bʕr)
Harari: bāra 'ox, bull' [LH 44] (также baʔara [ibid. 39]) (or <*bʕr)
East Ethiopic: Wol. barä, Zwy. būrä 'ox (for farming)' [LGur. 150]
Gurage: Cha. Eža Muh. Msq. Gog. Sod. bora, Gye. bawra, End. bawrä, Enn. bawǝra 'ox (for farming)' [LGur. 150], Muh. bäre 'calves' [ibid. 149] (or <*bʕr)
Mehri: hǝ-bɛ̄r 'camels' [JM 41] (semantically doubtful)
Harsusi: ḥe-byār 'female camels' [JH 14] (semantically doubtful)
Notes: Cf. *bVʕVr-

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