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Low East Cushitic etymology :

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Proto-Low East Cushitic: *ʔVri(r)- ~ *riʔ-
Afroasiatic etymology: Afroasiatic etymology
Meaning: 'goat'
Somali: ari, eri 'pecore e capre' Som-It 23 (cf. ri(ʔ)- Sasse PEC 22; ri rih "fem. goat" (A ad73) GRAGG 4002
Oromo (Galla): reetii, pl. reʔoota 'goat' [Gragg 342]; reʔ-ee Sasse PEC 22; reetii "goat" (T ad73) [mc47 ad73 reettii : goat ad73 re7-ee : goat] GRAGG 4002
Rendille: riḥ-i [Heine 78 94]; Sasse PEC 22; riyyo "goat" (F ad73) [hs79 rih*-i ri-yo(pl.) : goat] GRAGG 4002
Baiso: arer "goat" (F ad73) GRAGG 4002
Elmolo: Elmolo rr'ete 'female goat' Heine Elm., 209
Dasenech (Geleba): re-ččo, pl. reʔe 'goat' Huds. HEC, 71
Notes: part of the forms metathetic

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