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Afroasiatic etymology :

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Proto-Afro-Asiatic: *(ʔa-)bVr(Vy/w)-
Meaning: bull
Borean etymology: Borean etymology
Semitic: *(ʔi-)bar- 'ox, bull, calf'
Egyptian: *br(w) 'bull' (?)
Western Chadic: *bar- 'buffalo'
Central Chadic: *bari- 'bull'
East Chadic: *bur- 'bull'
Beḍauye (Beja): bVʔray 'bull, cow' (<Eth?)
Central Cushitic (Agaw): *bir- 'ox' (<Eth.?)
Saho-Afar: *ʔabur- 'bull, ox'
High East Cushitic: *bōr-a 'young bull' (<Eth?)
Omotic: *bor- ~ bariy- 'bull'
Notes: Related to *baʔraw/y- 'k. of antelope'? Cf. LGur. 151; HSED 183, 340, EDE II, 54-55; cf. Brb. Zng. ta-barār-t 'chamelle'. Cf. Sem. *bVʕVr- 'large cattle; camel' (<*bVʕ-Vr-?) - cf. Dah. ḅe:ʕa, pl. ḅe:ajú 'buffalo' EEN 33. Cf. Dolg ND 225a.

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