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Afroasiatic etymology :

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Proto-Afro-Asiatic: *ʔaruy-
Meaning: (wild?) goat; sheep
Borean etymology: Borean etymology
Semitic: *ʔarwiy- 'wild goat, gazelle'
Berber: *HarVy (*H <*ʔ/*h) 'sheep, small cattle'
Western Chadic: *ʔ/war- 'ram, goat'
East Chadic: *ʔVwr- ~ *ʔarw- 'goats' 1, 'duiker' 2
Saho-Afar: *ʔVray- 'goat'
Low East Cushitic: *ʔVri(r)- ~ *riʔ- 'goat'
High East Cushitic: *ʔaray- 'sheep/bushbuck'
South Cushitic: *ʔari 'goat'
Mogogodo (Yaaku): *ʔVrVr- 'antelope sp.'
Omotic: *Har(y) 'flock of sheep'
Notes: Cf. Tak. 94,136: comp. Eg. ʕr 'goat' with SCu (<*ʔ-, not ʕ-, which Takac himself sygnalizes) and Dah ēri (mistake: should be hééri - in Ehr., and EhrEldNurse 15). The Chad. forms compared with Eg. ʕr 'she-goat' ([Tak. ibid.]; accepted by [Tak I 136-7]) are reconstructed with *ʕ-. This contradicts the correspondences proposed by Stolbova: for the Sura group, to which Mnt. and Grk. belong [Stolb. 1996 7], Afras. and P. Chad *ʔ- and *ʕ- yield *ʔ- [ibid. 74, table 7], while in the Lai group, to which Lele belongs [ibid. 8], the situation with laryngeals is obscure [ibid. 74, table 7; 97, table 19]. Cf. HSED 50: Can.; Boni eriya, Rnd. ari (both not found in dict. available), Burji; SCu. Bl.Beja Fauna 22: Cu. Cf. Dolg. HSAn.names 2 (Sem, Beja), 4 (to Sem-Eg *ʕyr 'ass': Dah heri 'goat, sheep'; SCu ara 'goats'; WCh ur 'he-goat', Lele ōrē 'goats')

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