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Nostratic etymology :

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Eurasiatic: *ʔVrHV
Meaning: open space
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *ārH- (also Hitt. hari- 'valley')
Altaic: *ā́rV
Uralic: *arV (cf. also Ug. *arV 'side, direction')
Kartvelian: ? Georg. χriaṭ- 'steiniger Abhang'
Dravidian: *ar_-ai ( + ? SD *aṛ- 'rivermouth')
References: ND 66 *ʔarV 'earth, land, place' (also adding PIE *er- 'earth' and PSH *ʔarVĉ̣- id.?); suggests that it is = 73 *(ʔV)rV 'towards' ( > SH, IE, Ur, Alt locative markers); 720 *Gari 'valley, hollow in the ground, cave' (adding Kartv. ɣar- 'gutter, furrow' which is probably erroneous and Sem. *ɣār- 'valley, cave'); 2607 *χaŕ[ü] 'valley, depression, pit' (?Georg. + Dr. *aṛ- + same FP, same IE + Arab. + ??Eg.).

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