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Eurasiatic: *mu(n)tV
Meaning: egg
Indo-European: ? Slav. *mǫdo
Altaic: *úmu-tki
Dravidian: *moṭ- (?); cf. also *unḍ- 1649 'round object'
References: МССНЯ 373, ОСНЯ 2, 72-73. ND 1430 *muǹa(-t/dV) 'egg' (Slav., Drav. + Ur. *muna - see *mVnV). It seems that this root had no *-n-, and could acquire it through contamination with *mVnV; in Alt. it was additionally contaminated with *umu 'to bear'. [Cf. similar words in SH: Akk. tumurtu 'ant's eggs'; Eg. wrm.t 'testicles' - see ND 2493 *[w]umur[T]V 'egg'?].

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