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Eurasiatic: *pi(u)CV
Meaning: to crush, squeeze
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *peis-
Altaic: *pi̯ŭ̀č`à (cf. also *puse )
Uralic: *pečkä- (*päčkä-) 'cut'; *pic'(c')V 'small' (SKES 158); cf. also *pučkV ; *pičkV
Kartvelian: *beč̣- / bič̣-
Dravidian: *pīc-
Comments: Alt. and Drav. forms meaning 'small' - probably from the same root.
References: ОСНЯ 1, 178-179 (hardly two roots), МССНЯ 369; ND 165 *bic̣V ~ *biĉ̣V 'small' (also hardly to be distinguished from ND 166 *bVć̣VRV 'cut' and ND 168 *bič̣V 'crumble, crush' - although the SH seems to be different: in the 1st case Sem. *bc̣-(r) 'cut; small'; in the 2d case - some Chad. forms). ? Cf. also Ural. in ND 1662 *P_uč̣V 'fall'?

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