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Eurasiatic: *iŕV
Meaning: trace, to drag
Indo-European: *er- <PIH *erH->
Altaic: *ī́ŕu
Uralic: *jarV
Dravidian: *īṛi-
Comments: PIE "earth" may be included here if it goes back to *'furrow' (?).
References: МССНЯ 368, ОСНЯ 1, 251; ND 69 *ʔir[a] or *ʔiy/ʔr[a] 'drag, pull, push' - rejecting PA *ī́ŕu but listing PTM *ira- 'to drag' (which is probably the same root). Dolg. also includes not the Drav. *īṛi-, but PSD *īr-, as well as a rather dubious Eg. ꜣr- 'push aside'. Same root is probably ND 2647 *yaŕV 'to draw / scratch a sign' (Ural. + part of Drav. + incorr. Alt.).

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