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Eurasiatic: *CarV
Meaning: cut, sharp
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *(s)ker-
Altaic: *č`àro
Uralic: *ćärke- ? (cf. also *šurV 'cut, divide', *šera )
Kartvelian: *č̣ar- / č̣r- (also č̣ur- 'cut, castrate' 311)
Dravidian: *car- 'tear, split' (DED 155)
Comments: But for IE cf. also PA *č`ire (322) or ObU *ŝäɣ/krV 'chop, cut' (see ND 2186 *ŝägRV 'cut, pierce': Ur., IE + Arab.); for Ural. cf. Alt. *zi̯àre (2575) and Georg. zergn- 'trample down' (see ND 2684 *[źä]rga; cf. also 2702 *ẑärXV [Alt. + Sem.]).
References: ND 431 *č̣[a]rV 'to cut' (without IE and Ur.); 435 *č̣[ü]rV 'flintstone, knife' (with incorrect Alt.)

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