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Eurasiatic: *jänTV
Meaning: stretch
Altaic: ? *èt`i ( ~ -t-)
Uralic: *jänte [cf. also *jutta-]
Dravidian: Tam.-Mal. *ēnd- 'spread, stretch' (SDR 784)
Comments: [IS compares Turk. *jēt- 'lead (on a string)']
References: МССНЯ 350, ОСНЯ 1, 281. [ND 1897 *qu[hi]ṭV 'intestines, sinew, thread, to tie' compares SH *χVwVṭ- 'thread, sinew' + Alt. *èt`i + SDr *ūṭ- 'woof, cross thread' + ?? IE *ētr- 'intestines' - all quite obscure]. ND 2636 *yäNTV 'to stretch, strain' (Ur. + Drav. + ? Turk. *jēt- 'lead'); the Ur. root is also included in 2637 *ya/oŋ[y]E 'sinew, tendon' - which also includes Ur. *yoŋ(k)se 'bow' (?? + Turk. *jāń + ?? Jap. *da + Eg.??).

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