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Eurasiatic: *ḲopV
Meaning: bark
Borean: Borean
Altaic: *k`i̯ā̀bu (cf. also *k`āp`a 2)
Uralic: *kopa
Kartvelian: Georg. ḳep- 'sheet (of paper)'
References: МССНЯ 344; ND 1109 *ḳAP_V 'leaf', 1117 *Ḳo(')ap[U] 'bark' (+ Chad.). Maybe indeed more than one root: for Alt. *k`i̯ā̀bu cf. also Sv. q̇uwa 'bark, crust' (see ND 1946 *q̇EwV 'bark, crust, shell').

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