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Eurasiatic: *kä[lH]V
Meaning: walk, roam, ford
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: ? *kel-
Altaic: *gèle; TM *guli- 'set out, off'; *kalV ( ~ -ĺ-) 'come near' 743
Uralic: *kälä (cf. also kulke under *ḳoĺV); Sk. qäl- 'run, walk'
Kartvelian: *gwal- [or Megr. (n)kill- 'to roam']
Dravidian: NDr *kāl- 'to go, lead' (if separate from *ḱā-)
Chukchee-Kamchatkan: Chuk. *ɣala- (336)
Comments: ? слав. гулять (ср. картв.)
References: At least two roots. МССНЯ 332, ОССНЯ 1, 293-294; ND 616 *gUlE (TM *guli-, Ur. *kulke, Kartv. *gwal-); 869 *kal̄(ʔ)V 'approach, come' (Sk. qäl- + Alt. *kalV + SH *kal-); 872 *käl(h)V 'to walk, wade' (Ur. *kälä- + Alt. *gele [only Turk. and Kor.] + Drav. + again SH *kal-); Greenberg 71 adds IE *kel-; ND 1063 *ḳUĺʕ[ü/u] 'track(s), way; to go, travel' (IE *kel-, ObU *kVĺV 'track(s), sign' +SH). A great deal of confusion here.

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