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Eurasiatic: *belV
Meaning: shine, glitter
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *bhel- 129; *bhelg- / *bhleg- / *bhleig-sk- ( = Kartv. *berc̣q̇-?) 2115
Altaic: *bĕ̀ló
Uralic: *peĺkkä (ND 204: Os. paɣǝl 'lightning')
Kartvelian: *ber-c̣q̇-
Dravidian: *veḷ- [or to *ŋwVlV]
Comments: Cf. also forms under *ṗaĺV 'burn' and Mong. *büli-ɣen 'warm' (see ND 195 *bil̄V 'warm') - a great deal of confusion. In ND 199 *bal̄[ʕ]V 'blind' the Mong. form is separated and compared with East Cush. and Eg. *balʕ- 'blind' (?), as well as some IE forms (contaminated within *bhlendh-?).
References: МССНЯ 363, ОСНЯ 1, 174-175; ND 199 *bal̄[ʕ]V, 204 *bal̄(i)ka.

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