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Eurasiatic: *ṭapħa
Meaning: beat, hit
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *tep- 'to hit, trample'; *debh-, *deb-, *dep- 'to press, to rumple'
Altaic: *t`ep`a (and oth.)
Uralic: *tappa
Kartvelian: *ṭḳeṗ- / *ṭḳeb-
Dravidian: *tap-
Chukchee-Kamchatkan: *t(ǝ)bi- 'to stand (on two feet)'
Comments: An expressive root (and maybe more than one, cf. in Altaic also *t`abi and *tā́p`V, *t`i̯ŏ́p`é).
References: ОСНЯ 2, 108-109; ND 550 *da/oṗɣV ~ *da/o[ɣ]ṗV 'to push'; 2327 *ṭ[ä]bHa 'to trample, crumple, press' ( + Berb. Ah.); 2327a *ṭab(V)qa 'to hit, strike'; 2398 *ṭä[ṗ]V 'to squeeze, press'.

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