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Itelmen etymology :

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Proto-Itelmen: *'liŋ(u) "
Chukchee-Kamchatkan etymology: Chukchee-Kamchatkan etymology
Meaning (Rus.): сердце
Itelmen: liŋč (liŋč-e'n pl.)
Itelmen meaning: сердце
West Itelmen: lin-lgɨ-č, lɨn-lĺ'ɨ-č
West Itelmen meaning: cor
West Itelmen meaning (Polish): serce
South Itelmen: nuju [nujuɣu*]
South Itelmen meaning (Latin): cor
South Itelmen meaning (Polish): serce
Number in Volodin 1976: 51, 127
Stebnitsky reference: 86
Comments: Зап. камч. формы Дыбовского lin-lg-ɨč, lɨn-lĺ'ɨč отражают liŋ-lŋ-ič.

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