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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *pork'-
Meaning: hog, pig
Other Iranian: Kurd. purs, Sak. pāu̯sa- `pig, hog' (Bailey 235)
Slavic: *porsę̄, *porsī́tī
Baltic: *par̃č-a- c.
Germanic: *fárx-a- m., n., *fárx-ō- vb.
Latin: porcus, gen. -ī m.(, f.) `das zahme Schwein'
Other Italic: Umbr purka, porca `porcās'
Celtic: Gall orco- in EN; MIr orc `junges Schwein, Tierjunges'
Russ. meaning: скот (боров, поросенок)
References: WP II 78
Comments: See *pArg'-, may be the same root.

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