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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *nas-
Nostratic etymology: Nostratic etymology
Meaning: nostril
Old Indian: instr. nasā́, loc. nasí, du. nom. nā́sā, gen. nasóḥ `nostril', in du. `nose'; nastaḥ adv. `from or into the nose'; násya- `belonging or being in the nose'; nā́sā, nā́sikā f. `nostril, nose'
Avestan: du. nom. nɔ̄ŋhā 'Nase'
Other Iranian: OPers acc. nāham 'Nase'
Slavic: *nosъ, *nozdrjā
Baltic: *nā̂s-i- (1), -iā̃ (1) f., *nas-r-a- c.
Germanic: *nas-i- c., *nás-u- c., *nás-ō f., *nṓs-ōn- f., *nus-tr-i- c.
Latin: nāris, -is `Nüster, Nasenloch', pl. nārēs, gen. -um/-ium `Nase'; nāsus (OLat nasum), gen. -ī m. `Nase'
Russ. meaning: ноздря
References: WP II 318 F

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