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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *wonk'-
Nostratic etymology: Nostratic etymology
Meaning: bent, curved; corner; hook
Old Indian: vaṁśya- `belonging or attached to a main beam'; a-vaṁśá- `that which has no pillars or support'; vaṁśá- `bamboo cane, cane; upper timbers or beams of a house' (cf. also a root with *k(ʷ): OInd váñcati `to go crookedly, stagger', vacyáte `to move or rock to and fro', vakrá- `crooked, curved')
Avestan: -vašta- 'gekrümmt'
Old Greek: óŋko-s m. `Widerhaken des Pfeils, Klampe', *óŋkǟ f.: óŋkē = gōnía, mégethos Hsch.
Baltic: *wañč-a- c.
Germanic: *wánx-ō f., *wánxa- adj.
Latin: uncus, -ī m. `Haken'; uncus, -a `gekrümmt'
Russ. meaning: кривой; угол, крюк
References: WP I 60 f

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