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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *al-
Meaning: pron.: other
Tokharian: A ālak, B allek, alye-k `állos tis' (PT *ālle-kä) (Adams 28-29)
Old Indian: áraṇa- `foreign, distant', arí- m. `enemy'
Armenian: ayl `anderer'
Old Greek: *aljo-: állo-, Cypr. ailo- `anderer'
Germanic: *al-ja-, *al-jis- adj.
Latin: alius, -a, -ud `ein anderer', alter, -era `der eine von zweien, der andere', aliuta `aliter, andssswie'; aliquis, -quantus, quot, -cubi, alibi
Other Italic: Osk allo `alia', altram `alteram', altrud `altero'
Celtic: *ali̯o-, *alno- etc. > Gaul alla `aliud', allos `zweiter'; OIr aile, f. aile, n. aill `ander', alltar `das Jenseits', al prp. с той стороны, сверх предела, ol снаружи; Ir al 'jenseits, über-hinaus', anall 'von jenseits, von dort, herüber', alle, allae, (jünger) alla 'jenseits'; MCymr arall `anderer', Cymr ail
Russ. meaning: другой
References: WP I 84 f
Comments: Cf. *el- 'that'.

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